Online Dating Rules: What Photos are You Posting

When you are putting your profile together it’s important to pay attention to the details. Things like your headline, photo and comments in your profile can make the difference between someone who approaches you and someone who passes you by. A picture really does say a thousand words. A single picture can tell someone more than just what you look like. They also can tell someone about your recreational choices, your choice in coffee houses, and even a bit about your self-confidence level.

Here are a few tips to make your online photo the best it can be:

  • If you don’t have any suitable recent photos, arrange to go out with friends. Relax and have fun. Get your friends to take lots of photos of you. Hopefully, you’ll get at least one that you’re happy to post.
  • If you have a photo of yourself in a social environment, use that one. It will give a better impression than one of you seated on your sofa at home.
  • Watch for identifying landmarks in your photos. If you routinely go biking on the local trail and post a picture of yourself and bike on that trail, it is unsafe to post on your profile. You may open yourself up to a stalker.
  • Don’t post photos of yourself looking unhappy, drunk, hung-over, lonely, or on a bad hair day!
  • Avoid expensive accessories for your photo. It sends a high maintenance signal.
  • If you want to post multiple photos, make sure that they’re varied and interesting.
  • Avoid multiple photos taken at the same time. Don’t use it as an opportunity to demonstrate in six different ways how attractive you are. It should be an opportunity to convey the fact that you’ve got an interesting life.
  • It’s OK to change your photo from time to time if you come up with better ones, or if they get more than a year old.
  • Even if a photo is a professional one make it look casual. Never wear high fashion garments or accessories. This is the time that casual speaks louder than professional.
  • Your photo should accurately represent you as you are today. For example, if you have lost or gained more than 10 pounds you should replace the photograph with one that is accurate.

Nothing screams desperate faster than a woman who posts a photo of herself 10 years younger than she is, or a man 20 pounds’ thinner.

Dating sites will often give you guidelines for your photos. Be sure you read these and comply or you might find yourself reported to the management. Many times, they ask that you are central to the photo and usually the only one in it. The photo should be clear and current.

Be sure that your photo is:

  • one of you smiling
  • shows your eyes clearly
  • represents the real you.


  • Post photos in skimpy, tight clothing.
  • Use heavy makeup.
  • Only wearing dark glasses.

Remember that your photo represents YOU before they can meet the real you.

Questions To Ask Before Dating Again

Questions To Ask Before Dating Again

When it comes to dating, it’s easy to become fixated on what we want in a partner. But the real key to successful dating, especially after having been in a substantial relationship, is knowing that you are ready to date again. When is the right time? While there is no one answer for all people, here are some key things to consider that will help you decide if it’s time to get back in the dating saddle.

Mental Health

Are you emotionally ready to go on that search for someone special? Failed relationships can leave their wounds, and it can take time to mend them. Are you ready to get into another relationship, or do you bring too much baggage? Take an honest personal inventory. You might be lonely for a companion, but are you emotionally independent and stable enough to date again? Maybe you’re ready for light dating, but not at all ready for a serious commitment. Of course we all know it is best not to jump into a rebound relationship because after a long-term relationship we need time to get grounded.

Our Children

This won’t apply to everyone, but it can be critically important if you are a parent. If you have children, you should consider talking with them about your decision to date again. Explain why it’s important for you to have an adult companion, and of course take time to comfort your children and let them know they are the most important people in your life and no new relationship will ever compromise your bond.

Physical Health

Our emotional lives can only be as healthy as our bodies. While health varies from person to person, all people deserve love. But whether you are looking for that next serious relationship or you are just looking to casually hook up with other singles for a fun night here and there, you need to know that you are sexually fit to begin a relationship with a new partner. There is no better measure we can take to ensure we’re in the right state of being to physically connect with others than simply getting our health checked. Even if you have been in a long term relationship, it can be very reassuring to you and to any potential partner if you get yourself tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Lessons Learned

Why did your last relationship fail? There’s nothing like a bad break up to make us second guess our life choices, and that sort of introspection is good. It’s important for us to be forgiving of ourselves, but it’s also important for us to be honest in our self-reflection about the role we played in the demise of our previous relationships. What have we learned? Moving forward, what can we do differently? It is here that you will find your personal keys for relationship success.

4 Reasons Why Young Men Prefer Mature Women

Many people think that most young men like young girls, but the fact IS often contrary to imagination. In fact, most young men like mature women. Why?

  1. The charming appearance of mature women

With the development of society, science and technology has brought great changes to life. Many mature women pay attention to their own maintenance, reasonable diet, and healthy nutrition, and they will never be reduced to the point of ‘old age’. On the contrary, they will exude more mature charm, and this charm is often what young men yearn for. So the attractiveness of this kind of mature women is much stronger than that of young women.

  1. Mature women have a stable career

In the workplace, women and men have similar places. For example, with the growth of age and rich experience, women in their forties generally have small achievements in their careers. After several years of working life, they have transformed from an immature little girl into a capable female white-collar. For them, they usually have their own clear life plan and can have their own thoughts. And at the same time, some young girls are usually still in the willful period. In addition to thinking about how to dress, they think about how to eat, drink and have fun every day. Then let’s compare mature women with young girls, we will see that men usually like mature women.

  1. Mature women are financially independent

Speaking of the most realistic problem-money! Perhaps most mature women do not drive luxury cars or live in luxury houses, but one thing is for sure, after so many years of hard work and life, they have formed the habit of self-demand and self-reliance. Mature women have experienced more than young girls. They are independent. You will know that from some milf hookup sites. When you are reading the profiles of these women, most of them are single but independent. They know what to do and how to do things. Therefore, everyone is carrying a load, but the gentleness of mature women is like a safe haven. You can let go of all your disguise and move forward hand in hand with them. Mature women have a charm. They will not attach themselves to men and they will actively develop their self-worth. Just like Priscilla and Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg is a billionaire on the Forbes list, but even so, Priscilla has never given up her career dream, contributing her own strength to the world and not being a dependency of Zuckerberg’s career. And let’s see some young girls? Either rely on their young, idle time; or rely on the good conditions of their parents, gnawing old at home. What do you think you would like as a young man?

  1. Mature women have better mentality

To be honest, people live in their 30s or 40s, most of them have experienced things. Their mentality is more mature and they are more stable when they encounter problems. Unlike some young girls, who only ask their boyfriends: ‘What should I do?’ Young girls just ask for it. They urgently need company and need you to add even more exhaustion when you are most stressed and helpless. Nowadays, people always find mature women on specific websites or apps. So choosing the best hookup apps will be a good way to find and date a mature woman.

Mature women will accompany you peacefully and quietly. They will forgive your concealment, contribute her strength silently, remove the list from you, and will give you unlimited power of security and comfort.

How to attract and keep the woman of your dreams

Guys, a lot of you out there don’t know how to attract the right single woman into your life. Single women are very picky and they will tear you apart if you don’t meet their checklist. I know this sounds a little harsh, buts its true and the quicker you get it, the closer you will be to finding the right girl to share your life with. Some guys can attract the right women, but they don’t know how to keep them from running away.

Follow these tips to help you attract and keep the right single woman in your life:

  • First impressions are so important. Women like men who are clean, have nice white clean teeth, smell good (get advice on scents) and dress nice. Nice shoes are a must as women will often judge men by their shoes. I’m not kidding!
  • Play on the women’s senses. Look into her eyes when you’re talking to her, give her subtle touches, yes I said SUBTLE, NO GROPING. Compliment her and make her feel beautiful.
  • Women like men that are funny. If you’re naturally funny, let yourself go. If you’re not funny, don’t try to be, as you may come across as awkward.
  • Be confident but not cocky, there’s a big difference. Women don’t want to particularly listen to how great you are all the time. Actions speak louder than words so show her how great you are by the way you treat her.
  • Be a gentleman, chivalry is NOT DEAD!! Women are looking for a man to be the man. Pay for that 1st and 2nd date; open the car door, etc… Make a woman feel safe; feeling secure and safe is definitely a BIG TURN ON for women.
  • Control your sexual hunger. Women want to know that you’re interested in more than just sex. Refrain from any sexual advancement for the first 2-3 dates unless she’s the initiator and just roaring to go.
  • Make a woman feel that she is special and the center of your universe. I know it can be difficult at times but what can I say, this is how woman are wired. They like attention, lots of it!
  • Never show up to a woman’s house in the beginning stages without a little something; it doesn’t have to be anything expensive. Some things you can bring are flowers (even 1 rose will do), a bottle of wine, chocolates, or even a plant. It’s the thought that counts and believe me it goes a long way.
  • Women like men that are busy. Don’t always be available but do send a little message once in a while to say hello and let them know that you’re thinking of them.
  • Be yourself, honesty goes a long way. If you show signs of dishonesty in the beginning, you will break the trust factor and the relationship may never progress in a healthy manner.
  • Ask her about her interests and hobbies and pay attention to detail.
  • Surprise her once in a while with an overnight somewhere or a day trip. Women are usually the planners but appreciate it when a guy makes the effort to be the initiator. Make things FUN, be spontaneous!!!
  • Don’t show signs of possessiveness. There should be trust in a relationship, otherwise don’t be in that relationship. There are enough other daily stresses people need to deal with and that one shouldn’t be necessary.

These are some tips to make you more attractive to the single women out there. Remember, women aren’t necessarily always looking for the most gorgeous man but for the man that knows how to treat her without being too needy and possessive. Guys, I suggest you take my advice; it may just improve your love life!

Successful Dating Tips for Men

Hey guys, I am really excited and thrilled to share with you some valuable advice on how to get back into the game of conquering women or the woman of your dreams. I know time is short and of the essence so without further ado I will share three simple advises on how to get back into the game and get the woman and the life you always dreamt of.

Just Be Yourself

1.) Just do it: Sounds so simple and eventually it is. Most people think too much and have an inner discussion before approaching a woman and talking to her. Questions arise such as. What if she doesn’t like me? What should I say? How do I continue the conversation? Basically when taking the confidence to finally go and talk they have already lost and defeated themselves. My advice: Just go with the flow, stop thinking so much and just go and talk to her, a simple “Hi I am … I saw you and just felt like talking to you” goes a long way. If you combine this with a genuine smile you already won. And don’t worry if she doesn’t like you you will survive and off you go to the next one 😉

Keep your cool

2.) Keep your cool. Research shows that it is not so much important what you say but how you say it and how your body language, postures transmits it. A perfectly funny and witty opener will not be successful if your body language says “help let me get out of here”. Be confident, be genuine, show a smile, be your best self and it will be fine. Women like confident men, who know what they want and transmit this throughout their body language.

Dress To Impress

3.) Dress well and take care of yourself. Now this you might think, why should I do that? Well let me put it this way. Imagine yourself a gift to the women of your dreams. As we know a gift always comes in a nice wrapping, who wants a gift that is not wrapped nicely? The wrapping some people would say is sometimes even more thrilling than the actual gift and leads the way 😉 So get out your best cloth, invest in something nice if you have too, shower, brush your teeth go to the barber and get out there.

Go Get Out There

Well my friends that’s it for today, I am confident that with this advice if you implement it, you are one step closer to conquering beautiful women and always remember just be yourself.

Dating skills-half an hour theory of dating chat topics

Many times, I found that the interaction at the beginning was very good, and the other party would secretly send out a lot of excitement, but strangely, after arriving, everyone’s interaction became boring. From the beginning of the harmony to the value of each person in the future will be different . Some people even broke up at the end of the date, unhappily thinking about how to perform kino or k-close in the end, and angrily attacked the girl. The result is easy to imagine.

So there is an hour and a half theory.

90% of the result of each interaction is determined half an hour before the interaction. If the interaction time exceeds the first half an hour and does not increase to a certain level, then the emotion of the other party will slowly decline. This interest in you will be defined as a friend, and the relationship will be subconsciously divided into friendship zones, so the first half hour of interaction The result of your current interaction has been determined. The sole purpose of dating is to upgrade.

(Complete a certain level of language and physical upgrade within half an hour, the difficulty lies in how to do it on a large scale)



First, you must master the overall control in the first half hour of the interaction. We can understand that if a woman hates you or is not interested in you, then she is unwilling to waste time and energy on interaction, but if a woman is willing to date alone, the perspective of knowing you objectively proves that she is interested in you ( This interest does not mean that she likes you), or to some extent she does not hate you. Moreover, she has a certain sense of trust in you, otherwise, she will ask her friends to go out on a date. Based on these two points alone, you can try to give a woman a preset interest and intention, and then straighten out the other person’s thoughts: “Actually, I think you like me, or you don’t hate me, otherwise you will not come out. I I believe you will not meet someone you hate. My instinct tells me that, at least for now, you trust me because you come out alone. “You must let the other person accept your reasons and stay rational. Her own thoughts. The effect of this is to give the other person a heartbeat before attracting the other person, so that your deep attraction will be amplified. The next thing you need to do is to increase/expand her interest in you, and to grasp the level of interest and turn it into an upgrade bargaining chip. In this way, your deep appeal will be magnified. The next thing you need to do is to increase/expand her interest in you. And grasp this level of interest and turn it into a bargaining chip for upgrading. In this way, your deep attraction will be amplified. The next thing you need to do is to increase/expand her interest in you. And grasp this level of interest and turn it into a bargaining chip for upgrading.

Therefore, how to upgrade the operating process has become our discussion center.

Perhaps what you need to understand is the emotional state of women at the beginning: People are insecure and defensive in an unfamiliar environment. First of all, it is a wise decision to build a sense of security in an interactive atmosphere. It is a wise decision to choose an open environment, and let yourself relax before the other person can feel relaxed. In addition, if a woman meets you without knowing it, there will be a sense of mystery and excitement, but also a little bit of fear, so she will act relatively restrained. You should understand the reason for this behavior. No matter how good the interaction with her last time, because after all, you and her have never had any intersection in life, and she knows nothing about you in front of you, so try to establish as many intersections with her as quickly as possible. The way to establish intersection as quickly as possible is not to tell her everything about you, but to give her approval. Does this produce a theory of relativity? To win others’ recognition or to cater to her? The answer is no, because she has enough interest in you. You just cater to her values, identify with each other’s values, and create a mutual relationship People with the same values ​​are all in the same world. The operation of generating identification is to coincide with her values ​​when you explain your attitude towards things, rather than just nodding your head and saying yes.

Because you are not familiar with it yet, you will inevitably be embarrassed or have no topic in a short blank period when interacting. One way to eliminate the embarrassment is to break through this embarrassment directly: “Will we feel embarrassed when we face you like this? “Under normal circumstances, the other party’s answer is: “No, it’s okay.” (This kind of answer is actually a good answer because she considers the balance of the interactive atmosphere, but it often only appears in the first half. In hours of interaction) The next answer should be: “Actually, I feel quite embarrassed, because we are not very familiar now.” To state this point of view is because you describe the other person’s mental state, which will instantly shrink The distance between you and her.

Operationally, the half-hour theoretical time arrangement is divided into three stages: three ten minutes. In the interactive time of these three stages, in addition to grasping the upgrade of language, more push and pull of body movements and cooperation of eye contact The fastest escalation is to create emotional storms, use emotions to fluctuate, because thinking affects behavior. Often the moment when a woman’s inner seed is melted is the key to success.

The first ten minutes:

Establish intersection. The above has already analyzed how to establish intersection. In the first period of time, a woman’s subjective consciousness defines you. The reason is that she needs to judge it subjectively when she is not familiar with it. She would like to be who you are before she has contact with you. Although many women don’t know this, she will be influenced by the information revealed by your language, clothing, and behavior. And this kind of ignorance of you can make some reasonable information appearing in the woman’s own thinking, and help her analyze her interest in you. So try to minimize your mistakes during the ten minutes you show up. In order not to express too much sense of need, the body movements should be open, the body should be oriented to avoid the position that is directly opposite to the woman, and there is no need to have too much eye contact, because at this stage you are identifying with the other party’s values. Use behavior to coordinate the identity attitude expressed in language.

The second ten minutes:

Deeply attracted. After establishing the sense of connection in the first ten minutes, the other party made it reasonable that you are people in the same world and have a common language, paving the way for the ten minutes of intimacy. In these ten minutes, two things need to be highlighted: one is the reflection of your values on life and yourself; the other is your view of love. More specifically, what needs to be presented in this link is your attitude. The expression of high value is not that you have countless tangible assets, but your attitude towards value. “Keeping money as a slave and being open and cheerful are two attitudes”; the expression of love is after the values are reflected, because when you have the correct and attractive values, women will recognize your value system and express The attitude that comes out is more trustworthy