How to Talk to Women

You’ve just spotted a beautiful woman across the room. Your feet have disconnected from your mind and you are standing right in front of her with your legs shaking, heart rate about to explode and a huge rock has seemed to have lodged itself in your throat, impeding your ability to speak. Sound familiar? You’re about to learn what dating experts have known for years about Learning How to Talk to Women.

Women are complex, but when it comes to approaching to talk to them, they all require the very same thing. Forget about memorized lines that may have worked a few times in the past. If you are attracted to her, then you’ve already placed some value on her, so you are naturally nervous. She has all the cards so you must play it her way.

Successfully approaching a woman means being able to talk to women like you would with anybody else. Remove the mystique and think of her as a co-worker or cashier at the grocery store, i.e.: a regular human being. This removes all nervousness and takes a lot of the pressure off.

Most guys are so intimidated by women that once they’ve approached one, they revert back to their comfortable place of ‘let’s close this deal’ attitude, i.e.: Hello gorgeous, come here often? Let me buy you a drink and by the way, what’s your phone number? They don’t know women and it reflects by how they end up talking to them. This almost never gets positive results.

Women are conversationalists at heart so are turned on by a man who can converse with them like any other human being instead of treating them like a piece of meat. They like flirtation and mystery and many men just aren’t built to be that way. But you can learn to talk to women.

If you’re serious on learning how to talk to women then you must learn how they communicate. Women use a form of language called ‘Indirect Communication’, meaning their conversations are subtle with lots of reading between the lines. Since men are not so good at this form of communication, the best way to get around this is to send women mixed signals. This tends to confuse the wiring in a woman’s brain as she tries to figure out just what you’re meaning. It is performed by your body sending a positive signal while your speech sends a neutral signal. Imagine yourself seated with her, lean in close a lot, make good eye contact, playfully tap her on the back while making a joke and then say to her that you enjoy being with her but you have to be somewhere at thus and such a time. Your body is telling her you’re attracted to her while you are articulating that you have options. Mixed signals drive women crazy with the mystique. Automatically they are interested and intrigued by you.

Forget about those cheesy memorized lines. Drop the ‘let’s make a deal’ attitude with her. Do pay attention to how women communicate and use the method of sending mixed signals as this really is how to talk to women. It’s mysterious, playful and women will adore you because finally they have met a guy that speaks their language.

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