Dating skills-half an hour theory of dating chat topics

Many times, I found that the interaction at the beginning was very good, and the other party would secretly send out a lot of excitement, but strangely, after arriving, everyone’s interaction became boring. From the beginning of the harmony to the value of each person in the future will be different . Some people even broke up at the end of the date, unhappily thinking about how to perform kino or k-close in the end, and angrily attacked the girl. The result is easy to imagine.

So there is an hour and a half theory.

90% of the result of each interaction is determined half an hour before the interaction. If the interaction time exceeds the first half an hour and does not increase to a certain level, then the emotion of the other party will slowly decline. This interest in you will be defined as a friend, and the relationship will be subconsciously divided into friendship zones, so the first half hour of interaction The result of your current interaction has been determined. The sole purpose of dating is to upgrade.

(Complete a certain level of language and physical upgrade within half an hour, the difficulty lies in how to do it on a large scale)



First, you must master the overall control in the first half hour of the interaction. We can understand that if a woman hates you or is not interested in you, then she is unwilling to waste time and energy on interaction, but if a woman is willing to date alone, the perspective of knowing you objectively proves that she is interested in you ( This interest does not mean that she likes you), or to some extent she does not hate you. Moreover, she has a certain sense of trust in you, otherwise, she will ask her friends to go out on a date. Based on these two points alone, you can try to give a woman a preset interest and intention, and then straighten out the other person’s thoughts: “Actually, I think you like me, or you don’t hate me, otherwise you will not come out. I I believe you will not meet someone you hate. My instinct tells me that, at least for now, you trust me because you come out alone. “You must let the other person accept your reasons and stay rational. Her own thoughts. The effect of this is to give the other person a heartbeat before attracting the other person, so that your deep attraction will be amplified. The next thing you need to do is to increase/expand her interest in you, and to grasp the level of interest and turn it into an upgrade bargaining chip. In this way, your deep appeal will be magnified. The next thing you need to do is to increase/expand her interest in you. And grasp this level of interest and turn it into a bargaining chip for upgrading. In this way, your deep attraction will be amplified. The next thing you need to do is to increase/expand her interest in you. And grasp this level of interest and turn it into a bargaining chip for upgrading.

Therefore, how to upgrade the operating process has become our discussion center.

Perhaps what you need to understand is the emotional state of women at the beginning: People are insecure and defensive in an unfamiliar environment. First of all, it is a wise decision to build a sense of security in an interactive atmosphere. It is a wise decision to choose an open environment, and let yourself relax before the other person can feel relaxed. In addition, if a woman meets you without knowing it, there will be a sense of mystery and excitement, but also a little bit of fear, so she will act relatively restrained. You should understand the reason for this behavior. No matter how good the interaction with her last time, because after all, you and her have never had any intersection in life, and she knows nothing about you in front of you, so try to establish as many intersections with her as quickly as possible. The way to establish intersection as quickly as possible is not to tell her everything about you, but to give her approval. Does this produce a theory of relativity? To win others’ recognition or to cater to her? The answer is no, because she has enough interest in you. You just cater to her values, identify with each other’s values, and create a mutual relationship People with the same values ​​are all in the same world. The operation of generating identification is to coincide with her values ​​when you explain your attitude towards things, rather than just nodding your head and saying yes.

Because you are not familiar with it yet, you will inevitably be embarrassed or have no topic in a short blank period when interacting. One way to eliminate the embarrassment is to break through this embarrassment directly: “Will we feel embarrassed when we face you like this? “Under normal circumstances, the other party’s answer is: “No, it’s okay.” (This kind of answer is actually a good answer because she considers the balance of the interactive atmosphere, but it often only appears in the first half. In hours of interaction) The next answer should be: “Actually, I feel quite embarrassed, because we are not very familiar now.” To state this point of view is because you describe the other person’s mental state, which will instantly shrink The distance between you and her.

Operationally, the half-hour theoretical time arrangement is divided into three stages: three ten minutes. In the interactive time of these three stages, in addition to grasping the upgrade of language, more push and pull of body movements and cooperation of eye contact The fastest escalation is to create emotional storms, use emotions to fluctuate, because thinking affects behavior. Often the moment when a woman’s inner seed is melted is the key to success.

The first ten minutes:

Establish intersection. The above has already analyzed how to establish intersection. In the first period of time, a woman’s subjective consciousness defines you. The reason is that she needs to judge it subjectively when she is not familiar with it. She would like to be who you are before she has contact with you. Although many women don’t know this, she will be influenced by the information revealed by your language, clothing, and behavior. And this kind of ignorance of you can make some reasonable information appearing in the woman’s own thinking, and help her analyze her interest in you. So try to minimize your mistakes during the ten minutes you show up. In order not to express too much sense of need, the body movements should be open, the body should be oriented to avoid the position that is directly opposite to the woman, and there is no need to have too much eye contact, because at this stage you are identifying with the other party’s values. Use behavior to coordinate the identity attitude expressed in language.

The second ten minutes:

Deeply attracted. After establishing the sense of connection in the first ten minutes, the other party made it reasonable that you are people in the same world and have a common language, paving the way for the ten minutes of intimacy. In these ten minutes, two things need to be highlighted: one is the reflection of your values on life and yourself; the other is your view of love. More specifically, what needs to be presented in this link is your attitude. The expression of high value is not that you have countless tangible assets, but your attitude towards value. “Keeping money as a slave and being open and cheerful are two attitudes”; the expression of love is after the values are reflected, because when you have the correct and attractive values, women will recognize your value system and express The attitude that comes out is more trustworthy

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